I have witnessed over the years various formations via degrees of social media outlets the “Thirty Days of Thankfulness.” I have enjoyed reading the various posts on occasion, and decided that I would try to do my own variation over the next few days. So, here is my first installment:

1) I am eternally grateful for the grace and mercy of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am always humbled by His love for me.

2) I adore my husband. He is my absolute best friend( not because he gets my silly jokes, although that helps), but because he listens to my crazy rantings on a daily basis, calms my fears when my anxiety is at an all-time high, and appreciates my love for Pearl Jam, and all things circa 1985-1999. He is my lobster. If you don’t get this allusion…stop what you’re doing and watch all the Friends episodes you can. You can thank me later.

3) My family is great; we have had our ups and downs, but what family hasn’t? I know they have always been there for me and will continue to do so. Plus, I will forever be eternally grateful for their love and patience during my really awkward tween years. Thank you, Mom, for talking me out of that second perm….

4) My nephews and niece are pretty much amazing creatures. They are full of energy, questions, and laughter. I love watching them in action!

5) I love my job. Oh sure, there are days where I wish I could crawl underneath my bed and remain there for hours, even days, but most of the time, my days are filled with great colleagues, inquisitive, fun-loving students, and a challenging, complex subject that I truly enjoy teaching. I couldn’t ask for more…..except maybe a grading machine, an intravenous caffeine drip, or a mute button that works on students….. (that would be awesome!!!)

Stay tuned for installment two…..



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